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  1. Graphic encouraging St. Cloud residents to clean storm drains

    Clear Your Stormdrain Today!

    St. Cloud has recently experienced some heavy rain - help prevent flooding (and keep St. Cloud's water clean) by clearing your stormdrain today. Clear trash and remove yard waste from your nearest stormdrain, and keep it clear of leaves and other debris. See More...
  2. 2019 Budget CoverP

    2019 Proposed Governmental Funds Budgets

    2019 Proposed Governmental Funds Budgets Read on...
  3. Flier alerting the community to water quality improvements being made at Lake George

    State of the Lake

    The City has recently applied a treatment to Lake George that will help improve the Lake’s water quality and clarity – learn more about how we are keeping this community space beautiful and useable for St. Cloud residents. Learn more...
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