Nutrient Recovery and Reuse (NR2) Project

NR2 Project Elements 


  • Biofuel storage will be installed on-site to help optimize the fuel produced for the biofuel generator and reduce energy waste
  • The Wastewater Treatment Facility will be facilitating biosolids reuse, expanding the treatment process to produce Class A Biosolids (a fertilizer product) through the Lystek process
  • Valuable nutrients will be recovered from the wastewater centrate
Graphic of the main elements of the NUtrient Recovery and Reuse Project
Graphic of the Nutrient Recovery and Reuse project timeline

Benefits of Nutrient Recovery and Reuse

Equipment will be installed at the Wastewater Treatment Facility in order to continue and improve our production of a highly valuable, nutrient rich soil amendment for area landowners and farmers. Enhanced nutrient recovery will be accomplished by installing equipment that will produce a nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly, fertilizer pellet product. In addition to helping improve the land by providing important fertilizers to area farms, this process will also enhance the protection of local water resources by preventing excess phosphorous from entering area waterways.

Farm equipment spreading fertilizer product on farm field