Regulations, Plans & Publications

Stormwater Use Code
The City of St. Cloud's Stormwater Use Code (PDF):
  • Establishes the Stormwater Utility
  • Prohibits illicit connections and discharges
  • Regulates land disturbing activities for erosion and sediment control
  • Establishes legal authority for inspections,monitoring and enforcement of local, state and federal laws
Trees In Streets, Parkways & Public Grounds Section 670
No person will plant or establish a rain garden within the limits of any street without first obtaining a permit from the Park and Recreation Director.

Land Development Code Article 19.11 Drainange Improvements
Article 19.11 of the city's Land Development Code contains post construction stormwater management requirements and standards including:
  • Volume control
  • Quality control
  • Rate control
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Design standards
These requirements are applied to new and redevelopment construction projects excluding individual residential projects.

Anti-Degradation Plan
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) identified the City of St. Cloud as one of 30 cities required to complete an anti-degredation review. The review required the city to compile a report outlining best management practices (BMPs) needed to reduce the city's annual stormwater runoff volume, sediment loads and phosphorus loads to those estimated for year 1988. The reduction was required to be completed by year 2020. Article 19.11 of the Land Development Code was created to help reach the goal. Below is a draft report, it is not yet approved by the MPCA.