Community Art Projects

2015 Poetry in Sidewalks Selections
Thank you to all who submitted poems!  All entries will go on display at the St. Cloud Public Library (2nd Floor) from July - August 2015.

The following poems were selected to be stamped in the Seberger Park, Wilson Park and Raymond Park Neighborhoods:
poetry postcard side 1 copy.jpg
Memories by Elaine Schmidt-Voigt
Make memories like jam,
Sweet and whenever you can.

The Mayor by Sophia Hebert
I once met the mayor
And he had really cool hair
I shook his hand
It felt so grand
St. Cloud is in his care
A Time to Savor by Jean A. Peters
A warm summer day with a gentle breeze
Sipping cold lemonade ‘neath shady trees
On a wintery day in a cozy nook
With a pot of tea and a good book. 

Summer Days by Mariah Gordon
If I were a bee, I would kiss
the tender petal skins and drink
the nectar of lazy summer days.
Whisper by Christopher Manar
Stop, don’t read this.
The poetry is not here.
Poetry lives in the leaves;
In their rustle, In their veins,
Their texture whispers the wind.
Go now. Find your verse.
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  2. Creative Fire Hydrants
  3. Granite City Days
Poetry in Sidewalks
In 2012, the St. Cloud Arts Commission, along with the Community Development Division, implemented a program to coincide with annual City sidewalk repair.  The St. Cloud Community Poetry in Sidewalks is modeled after 'Everyday Poems for City Sidewalks' created by artist Marcus Young for the City of St. Paul.

Each year, St. Cloud community members are asked to submit poems to be stamped into City sidewalks.  From those submissions, 5-6 poems are selected to be made into sidewalk stamps.  The poems are stamped into new sidewalks in various neighborhoods.  The stamp lasts through the lifetime of the sidewalk and is ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliant.  Poetry in Sidewalks is funded wholly by the Arts Commission.
2012 Selections Rain Child by Terry Peterson
Wht wld th wrld b lk wtht vwls? by Carisa Marie Kampa
The Mischievous Minnesota Mosquito by Megan Hollenhorst & Tammy Brook
If I Were by Karen Imholte
Over-Bearing by Martha Gaetz
A Ditty by Mona Kremers
These poems are stamped along 25th Ave S and 10th & 11th Avenues North.
2013 Selections Do They See? by Theophanis C. Hortis
Night Flights by Colleen Paul
Home by Shannon Giffin
Enclosed by Gabe Frobenius
Imagine by Micki Blenkush
These poems are stamped along neighborhoods of 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Streets North.
2014 Selections Feet On Top by Augie Lindmark
Moment's Notice by Timothy Schaeppi
A Walk's Surprise by Lori Russell
A Community Bound by Lori Russell
Imagination by Tamara Wudinich
These poems are stamped in the Seberger-Roosevelt neighborhood east of 25th Avenue North between Division Street & Cooper Avenue.